The Airport at Krakow


Krakow Airport

John Paul 2 International Airport is an international airport situated in the village named Balice (Krakow) at Poland. It is 11 km west to the city centre. The airport has one concrete runway and one public terminal.

So being the one of the oldest cities in the whole Poland; Krakow happened at the 7th century. It is located at the banks of Vistula River. It happens to be the academic, economic and cultural point of the Poland. Krakow once was the capital city of the country from 1038-1569. It is used to be the German’s main centre for the activities regarding war at during World War 2. This city has grown up right from the Stone Ages to being the 2nd most important city of Poland.

What you get offered


VIP Lounge Krakow Airport


VIP Lounge has sufficient services to make you overwhelming. You can book it prior. Executive Lounge provides you the luxury feel with buffet services with tenner. TV/Internet is ready to use which gives you proper freedom to see foreign channels as well as browse websites around the world. Food/drink is available in the Bar/Café on both the floors. Shops are ready to serve you with your every possible need from magazines, alcohol, sweets to cosmetics. Duty free shop is also located inside the airport.

Information desk speakers are here to help you about anything regarding travel; for mother and baby, there is dedicated area and also for the handicapped which is fully equipped with all the facilities.

Medical facilities are at your disposal at the ground floor.

For all your monetary concerns, there are Post Office/Banks/ATMs; money changer is also gives you the proper service here. Check-in is available online; passengers can use this service free and available from 30 days/2 hours before the scheduled departure.

Travelling to/from the Airport


Krakow Airport Taxi

We have a Krakow airport Taxi, train and car here to get you from airport or get to airport; door to door shuttle services are at your call. Dworec Glowny, the main railway station connects you to the Krakow Airport barely spending 15 minutes from there. It has very good connectivity with nearby and far places like hotels, public places, school/colleges, government offices to name a few.

There is multi-level huge parking space available for your parking concerns.


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